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Dethatching is a crucial and often overlooked part of yard maintenance that can improve the overall health and look of your lawn. Here in the northwest with harsh winters it is even more important. Above and beyond dethatching for reasons of layers of thatch choking out turf, living in the northwest with heavy snow accumulation that sits all winter on the turf causing snow mold and other problems. Dethatching will help comb these areas and open them up to get proper air ventilation helping the health of the turf.

When should a yard be dethatched? Early spring is always best when temperatures are cool and before the turf has fully come out of a dormancy stage and to get your yard up and running to a good start as early as possible. After doing so, a fertilizer should be applied. In some cases it is a great time for over seeding.

How often should a yard be dethatched? We recommend once a year to have this done due to the winters and thatch accumulation.

Preventative maintenance is always best rather than waiting for the problem such as disease to battle the problem.

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