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Sprinkler Winterization in Coeur d'Alene, Hayden and Post Falls

A lot of professionals who specialize in sprinklers tend to make their money on sprinkler repairs. LakeView Lawncare & Landscape Co.’s mission, on the other hand, is to help you avoid those costly repairs. We prefer to take the preventative approach. Operational for over 25 years, LakeView Lawncare & Landscape Co. has made sprinkler winterization and sprinkler blow-out services our foremost specialty. Sprinkler systems are a big investment, after all. You should do whatever you can to protect that investment from the harsh winter weather. Our affordable sprinkler winterization services not only save you money, but also time and stress. Call us for a quote on our services! We’d love to hear from you.

Sprinkler Winterization Services in Coeur d'Alene, Hayden and Post Falls

At the first sign of winter, many homeowners breathe a sigh of relief. For many, winter brings relief from landscaping, lawn care, and other duties.

There are some things that should be done before the first major decrease in temperature, though. One of those tasks is sprinkler winterization. Sprinkler winterization, or a sprinkler blow-out, is what protects your expensive sprinkler system from those harsh winter temperatures.

While we’re experts at sprinkler repairs, we try to help people steer clear of those. While it might seem counter-intuitive for a business to help their clients save money, to us it’s just common courtesy. The people of Coeur d'Alene, Hayden and Post Falls aren’t just potential clients, customers, and paychecks. They’re our fellow community members. If our cost-effective preventative practices can help them save money, we’re happy. And who says customer satisfaction is bad for business? There is a reason we’ve been in business for over 25 years, after all. And that’s because people request our sprinkler winterization services every single winter.

If a landscape company is going to perform sprinkler maintenance, you need to make sure the company is reliable. Otherwise, they might perform an unsatisfactory sprinkler blow-out. Shoddy service could result in you having to pay for all those repairs you were trying to avoid.

To avoid those problems, call LakeView Lawncare & Landscape Co.. We have a track record for customer satisfaction that no other company in the area can match.

Winterize Your Sprinklers With LakeView Lawncare & Landscape Co.

Unlike a lot of amateurs, we approach sprinkler winterization a variety of ways. Every sprinkler winterization request begins with a consultation that includes a thorough assessment of your sprinkler system. We’ll inspect your sprinklers for pre-existing damages or missing components. After that, we will either drain your sprinkler system manually, automatically or take the sprinkler blow-out approach.

Our expertise isn’t limited to one brand of sprinkler system, either. Over the years, we’ve familiarized ourselves with every sprinkler system on the market. As time goes on, we work hard to keep up with the many innovations in irrigation and sprinkler systems. Sprinkler systems we’ve winterized in the past include (but are not limited to):

  • Signature
  • Weathermatic
  • Hunter
  • Rainmaster
  • K-Rain
  • Toro
  • Irritol

When you’re looking to protect your sprinkler system from damage, rely on the sprinkler winterization services of LakeView Lawncare & Landscape Co.. We’re the company you can trust. Call us today!